The Village of Tilton will be bidding out 3 vehicles at the Next Regular Scheduled Board Meeting on August 20, 2020. The minimum bid on all three vehicles will be $500.00.

How to bid?

To bid on a vehicle, place your bid in a sealed envelope and mark it “bid enclosed” and reference which vehicle, as stated below. Then mail the bids to: Village of Tilton ATTN: LORI FIELDS, 1001 Tilton Road, Tilton, IL. Bids mist be received by 4:00pm  on August 20, 2020.


  1. 2008 Ford F-150 Pick-Up Truck- Mileage is approximately 80,394 and is being sold as is. Reference this as “Truck #1-no topper” on your bid. 116703710_2786874861418941_5062987050196411720_o 116753949_2786874978085596_6783940957918106055_o
  2. 2008 Ford D-150 Pick-Up Truck with Topper- Mileage is approximately 52,682 and is being sold as is. Reference this as “Truck #2 with Topper” on your bid.117158260_2786874878085606_7666742042572464379_o 117173704_2786874911418936_6754997055024037292_o
  3. 1999 GMC Yukon – Mileage is approximately 123,815 and is being sold as is. Reference this as “Yukon” on your bid. These Vehicles will not be able to be driven prior to the bid sale.     116879431_2786874921418935_2295327786379973863_o 117181716_2786874898085604_977074461702663970_o


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