Tilton Public Works Seal

Committee Chairman: Ryan M. Washkowiak (E-mail Ryan) Public Works Director: T.J. George Laborer: Nena George Laborer: Doug Moss Laborer: Gregory Phillips

Frequent Request

  • Potholes or other Street Condition:  call 477-0800 and we will fix it or contact you for further information. You can also fill out the service request form by click here.
  • Tree Issues:  we trim trees and remove unsafe trees in the right of way that could affect the motoring public.  Call 477-0800.
  • Sewer Backup:  most sewer backups are blockage in the property sewer.  The property sewer extends from the house to the main public line, this portion is maintained by the property owner.  There are local companies in the yellow pages that clean sewers.  If you think it might be a problem with the public line, call us at 217-477-0800.
  • Snow Plowing:  Major streets are plowed first.  Once they are passable, we make one pass in the residential streets and get back to the major streets.  When they are clear, we return to the residential streets for their second and subsequent passes.  If we missed yours, call 477-0800 so we can schedule it.