Village of Tilton itself assesses no property tax

Plan Commission (Zoning)

A committee of 9 residents was appointed by the village board in May 2008 for the purpose of developing a Zoning Ordinance.

This committee met for nearly 2 years developing the Zoning Ordinance M which was adopted in March 2010.

Ron Sbertoli (Chairman): a 47 year Tilton resident
Gene Grubbs (Secretary): a 46 year Tilton resident
Tom Hedenberg: a 17 year Tilton resident
Carroll Wernigk: a 43 year Tilton resident
Roger Boen: a 1 year Tilton resident

Members are appointed by the mayor and serve term concurrent with mayor's term.




Does the Zoning Ordinance require setbacks?

Yes, setbacks are designated for residential zoning districts and commercial districts. (links available soon)


I live outside the village of Tilton limits but within the 1.5 mile zoning limit.  Does this mean I will be annexed?

No, only the village board has the power of annexation.


What are the zoning requirements for mobile homes?

The Zoning Ordinance provides for an R-4 classification for homes located within a mobile home park.  For mobile homes outside the designated mobile home park area, contact the village of Tilton.


Does the Zoning Ordinance regulate fencing?

No, the Zoning Ordinance does not regulate fencing.


If my home is destroyed or damaged by fire or storm, must it be rebuilt to meet the Zoning Ordinance?

As long as the structure is rebuilt on the existing foundation, it may be rebuilt as it was. (link available soon)

If you have any other questions, contact one of the members of the Plan Commission.



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