Tilton Police Department

David Cornett

Police Chief

Virgil Sheets

Police Commissioner

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  • Nighttime curfew hours are from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. Parents who allow their children to be out past curfew are in violation of our ordinance.

    There are exceptions to the curfew restrictions:

    • The minor is in the company of their parents, guardian, or another person in charge of the minor at the time
    • The minor was going to or returning from work during curfew hours
    • The minor is involved in an emergency situation
    • The minor was at a religious, or school-related social activity


  • Police Officers 

    Full-Time Police Officers
    First Name Last Name Position Service Years
    David Cornett Chief 2001-Present
    Ryan Schull Patrolman 2007-Present
    Phil Bernardi Patrolman 2018-Present
    Josh Brown Patrolman 2020-Present
    Jacob  Jenkins   Patrolman  2020-Present
    Part-Time Police Officers  
    Kevin Goetzelman Patrolman 1999-Present
    Brad Phillips Patrolman 2002-Present
    Scott Larsen Patrolman 2002-Present
    Cody Benschneider Patrolman 2017-Present
    Dale Ghibaudy Patrolman 2018-Present
    Eric Boswell Patrolman 2018-Present
    Robert Mitchell Patrolman 2013-Present
    David Booe Patrolman 2014-Present

Tilton Ambulance Service

William Butch Fields

EMS Coordinator

Ryan Washkowiak

Interim EMS Commissioner

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    • Village of Tilton Board Approved to have a staffed Ambulance on-call from 8:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. every day.
    • Village of Tilton Emergency Services Coordinator, Butch Fields was chosen to be Vermilion County First Everyday Hero 2019.
  • Bays Brandon EMR
    Crawford Jamee EMR/EMT-B Student
    Cotrell Will EMT-B
    Darr Caroline EMT-B
    Dunavan Sarah EMT-P/Administrative Services
    Dunavan James(Andy) EMT-P
    Dunavan Brain EMT-B
    Fields William(Butch) EMT-P/Coordinator
    Fields Lori EMR/EMT-B Student/Administrative Services
    Harrier Cameron EMR/EMT-B Student
    Haskins Amy EMR
    Heiser Dustin EMT-B
    Hendricks Brandy EMT-B
    Mitchell Scott EMR
    Mitchell Anna EMR-Provisonal/EMT-B Student
    Pentecost Dan EMT-B
    Phillips Jr David EMR
    Prunkard Kimberly EMT-B
    Pointer Josh EMT-P
    Schull Brian EMT-P
    Schull Ryan EMT-B
    Washkowiak Ryan EMR/EMT-B Student/Trustee
    Weidenburner Ashley EMT-B Student
    Warrick Cameron EMR
    Weddle Karyn EMT-B
    Weddle Zach EMT-B
    Wells Samantha EMT-B
    Wetzel Aaron EMT-B
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Tilton Fire Department

Richard Austin

Fire Chief

Ryan Washkowiak

Fire Commissioner

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  • First Name Last Name Position
    Ryan Washkowiak Commissioner – 12I1
    Richard Austin Chief- 12C1
    Butch Fields Asst. Chief- 12C2
    Andy Dunavan Asst. Deputy Chief- 12C3
    Doug Moss Captain- 12C4
    Dan Pentecost Captain- 12C5
    Brian Schull Lieutenant- 12C6
    Gregory Sims Lieutenant- 12C8
    Justin Moore Lieutenant- 12C9
    David Phillips Jr. Lieutenant- 12C10
    Cy Austin Fireman
    Brandon Bays Fireman
    Mike Bertelli Fireman
    Brian Dunavan Fireman
    Joshua Hardesty Fireman
    Michael  Wilson Fireman
    Dustin Hume Fireman
    Tony Hume Fireman
    Michael Phillips Fireman
    Floyd Stewart Fireman
    Noah White Fireman
    Zachary Wilson Fireman
    Cameron Warrick Fireman
  • 57578656_1846887828750987_8972346651695906816_n   57543616_1846887782084325_4659920498321260544_n   57503207_1846887838750986_8825754560275415040_n   57096993_1846887775417659_7790067207374897152_n   firetruck_01   57407317_1846887925417644_8040620330814799872_n

Tilton Public Works

T.J. George


Billy Wear

Public Works Commissioner

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  • George T.J.
    George Nina
    Moss Doug
    Warren Blake
    Spicer Jeff