Requesting Bids

tilton 5k

Link to official bid sheet: roof bid document 07-29-19 (Lori Fields) 3

The Village of Tilton is requesting bids for the following locations:


1001 Tilton Road, Tilton IL   (City Hall)-to repair and replace the entire roof_____________________________________________________________


501 Mayfield, Tilton IL   (Public Works Building)-to repair and replace the entire roof:___________________________________________________________


398 Fairfield, Tilton IL   (Concession Stand)-to repair and replace the entire roof:______________________________________________________________


398 Fairfield, Tilton IL   (Salt Dome)-to repair the roof______________________________________________________________


This is work for a Municipality and you must pay prevailing wage, and such should be documented.  All work must meet the most current version of International Building Codes. 

All bids must be separated for each location and may not be submitted as entirety for all the buildings.  Each bid will be awarded separately.  

Bids must be sealed and printed on the outside the location for enclosed bid.   Bids must be turned into Village of Tilton City Hall no later than 5pm on Thursday, August 15, 2019.     Bids will be opened at monthly board meeting at 6pm, Thursday, August 15, 2019.